Monday, May 9, 2011

Hand Stitching

Here are the embroidery projects I've done since teaching myself embroidery stitches a little while ago. The first is Rachel's birthday present. Looking at it now, far away and several months later, I'm very impressed with myself!
Here is the sampler I made. It's been sitting in my embroidery bag, since I made it, and once again, now that I see it I really like it! I will have to display it somehow.
Then, last night I embroidered this scripture bag for Maggie. The Relief Society made this for the Primary kids and I found an extra under my bed, so I made it for Maggie. She picked out the colors and John did the writing.

Then I put her name on the back.

Continuing the theme of embroidery+stuff from the US, we got some goodies from a co-worker of John's today. Maggie was super excited about it. Here's what we got:
Of all the things you think you'll miss...
Maggie was begging to have "black jelly beans" after dinner. We thought she meant the M&Ms, but she wanted the black beans!

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Erin said...

I love your embroidery!! Especially the fox one, it's amazing!! My Grandma used to do a ton of embroidery and I have done it but not free hand.