Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snug as Two Bugs

"I was just helping him go to sleep!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunscreen Experiment FAIL

I tried doing a sunscreen experiment with the kids, but summer is over here. Too windy and cloudy for it to work. I did get this great picture of Dalton licking the sunscreen off his finger, though.
So, check out this sunscreen experiment from my Mommysavers friend Shell instead!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Museum With Mommy

Last Friday I took the kids to the science museum in downtown Bangalore.
Maggie in the 3D goggles (I reviewed the movie here).
I found the emergency exit next to the heat shield and fire extinguisher picture worthy.
Inside an egg. It's a cell model, but much more interesting as an egg.
Maggie is fearless.
Dalton being terrified of the spinosaurus. He was clinging to me and shaking and got even more upset when I put him down to take this photo.
So cute. I love this picture.
Stopped next to a pony cart at the stoplight.

Bowling With Dad

John took the kids bowling at the 4-lane bowling alley at Leela Palace on Saturday.

See the pretty necklace Daddy bought Maggie on their last outing?
$2 for 10 french fries.
Green Apple milk shake!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indoor Camping Fun

We went camping today! We roasted pretend marshmallows over a pretend fire
(felt marshmallow and toilet paper roll/tissue paper fire)
And real marshmallows over a real fire.
We ate hot dogs for lunch. Or, veg spring rolls, which was the closest thing to hot dogs I could find at Big Bazaar. We also had a couple Swedish fish, because when Mickey goes camping, he goes gooey-fishing as well.
And of course, slept in a sheet tent
in a pillowcase sleeping bag!

We love camping!

Random June: Maggie

This is Aweeposaurus. He has plates, a tail with spikes, wings, a bump on his head to go "honk" and a loooooong neck.
This is Arackasaurus. He has plates, a tail with spikes, wings, a bump on his head to go "honk", and a loooong neck with hair. Which means he has babies instead of laying eggs.
Three pairs of mama and baby birds. Maggie saw Rio recently. And she got all these birds in Happy Meals in Hong Kong. She's really into birds and asks to know the names of different types of birds. She also loves kingfishers (since we flew Kingfisher airlines to Goa).
Quite the oasis she made!
Little Drummer Girl.

Random June: Dalton

Dalton's favorite Lego - the window.

He likes to open it and hold it up to his mouth.

Not sure why, but he sure is a cutie!

I got all these containers free from a "scheme" at the grocery store.

love that boy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staycation in Bangalore

Safari bus at Bannerghatta (1st and 2nd trips)
Tiger/Lion Safari.
Putting the seat on.
Bwoo likes nanas.
Elephant Joy Ride
Apparently, this zoo has no fewer than 7 hippos.
Are you there?
Wait, where'd you go?
UB City (14th floor of one of the towers)

It's all about the cars with him.
Shiva Temple. I didn't pay to take pictures inside since we'd already been.