Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Love from Mom and Dad

On January 31st, John and I cut out 14 hearts for each kid and I put one up for each of them, each night until Valentine's Day.  We wrote different things we love about each kid, and they all got their own color. (Maggie purple, Sienna pink, Dalton blue, Arthur orange)

On the last day, Sienna asked me who was putting the hearts on the door and I told her "mom and dad!" It's so nice to have a holiday where we don't have to lie about where gifts are coming from.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Disney Lunar New Year

Homemade Pok-e-moji Valentines

Valentine's Day Celebrations! 

Sienna has been wanting to do a lot of "actibies" lately. This is a fox made out of heart shaped pieces.

Here's her award-winning Valentine's bag.

She went to a party with the ward play group, but I stayed home with sick Arthur. She took it upon herself to help out a little friend who was not having a good time.

Valentine's cakepop!

Maggie's Pokeball bag, and emoji Valentine's Day cards.  She drew a different emoji on each card. A lot of effort put into her homemade valentines this year!

Dalton also made a Pokeball bag and emoji valentines.  He made yellow heart-shaped valentines with heart eyes.

Valentine's Day detritus. 

And our traditional pic while getting John a sandwich from Mustard Cafe.

Monday, February 6, 2017

January Decluttering

I'm doing a series of monthly challenges with my neighbor. In January we did a sending freeze.  And, we're doing a year-long decluttering/deep cleaning challenge. Here are some before/after pictures.

January: Kitchen and Dining Room

 2 loads to Goodwill in January.
Kitchen after deep cleaning.

And all the food after decluttering, and month-long spending freeze.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Arthur in Carsland

I chased my boy around Carsland while the others went on the dancing cars.  

We played behind Red in the meet and greet for a while. Every time he would honk his horn or rev his engine, Arthur would hide. Usually under me. Or the teenage guy hanging out back there.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Boomers Birthday

For a friend's birthday, I took her and Dalt to Yogurtland and Boomers. Fun was had.


John came to Disneyland with us for a few hours before heading into work (BOO!). We all did some Fantasyland rides together, and I loved hanging out together as a family.

Mid-week visit with Sienna and Arthur. When he woke up, we visited the Tiki Room, which he LOVED.

And then we saw Minnie and Daisy in an explosion of cuteness.

Warning: Cutest video ever.  Our whole family in a teacup, and Arthur meeting Minnie and Daisy.