Friday, September 26, 2014

Ho Hum Halloween Disney

Hey look, more pictures of us at Disneyland. But it's Halloween time!

Saturday with Daddy.

Tuesday "field trip" with friends.

Another Saturday with Daddy.

I was genuinely terrified on Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Maggie was genuinely full of ennui. Kids these days.

I can't get over these pictures of Sienna with Woody. Seriously, she loves the characters so much.

And a Wednesday afternoon with friends.

Sienna on the Doo Doo ride (Pirates - doo doo is the sound a bird makes, of course).

Maggie had to ride in a tractor by herself. It's tough being 7.

Dalton is the only boy. He's used to it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sienna Tumbles and Swings

Sienna doll face, riding the escalator over and over because she's an only child for 3 1/2 hours a day and she can.

We also started a parent-tot gymnastics class which she loves.

She particularly likes the balance beam.

Sienna has also learned how to crochet. Just kidding. She is still better at undoing my work.

She likes to run and hide when she gets out of the shower.

Here is my little princess ready for gymnastics class. Someone gave us a hand-me-down leotard to wear. She wears her crown backwards, has her blankie to chew on and is watching her favorite, Poor Unfortunate Souls.  No joke.

More backwards crown at the park.

Sleeping with Pooh.

She's learned to swing on her belly. It hasn't done her wrong - yet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pirated Donuts

Apparently, if you dress as a pirate for Talk Like a Pirate Day, Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen free donuts. Each. What? Four dozen donuts. We gave two boxes away and managed to eat almost all the rest, even though John was sick and only had one.

These socks were part of my parents' Halloween costume before I was even born. They earned their keep finally.

Club 33: Birthday and Disney GNO

For my 33rd birthday, I put together a girls' night out at Disneyland. It was awesome. 7 of my friends from the ward were able to come.

We had way too much fun.

John brought home an ice cream cake for me a few days early.

And I got a new stroller (still coming). Yay!