Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Morning Buddies

Sienna is thrilled to see John in the morning, since he so often comes home after she is asleep. I captured this sweet moment of Sienna showing Daddy her baby.

Quail Hill

Sienna was soooo grumpy on Saturday so we took her for a walk at Quail Hill.  The kids wanted to "strike a pose" on this rock (or as Dalton says, "strike a Pez!")

Dalton cracks me up.

Sienna got to walk for a bit and try out her new shoes. 

And then she fell in the mud.

Sienna Walks and Other Sillies

Beep loves to take walks. As soon as I put her shoes on, she runs to the front door. Sometimes she gets her shoes and brings them to me and I'm obliged to take her around the block.

Got her Roo and a book, just in case.

She also likes to jump on box covers.

She is happy with her new trike, though pushing it is preferable to riding in it.

She had a good time pushing it all around the park.

And pushing Dalton on the way home...

She also likes to push the grocery cart (even if I'm holding her, or she's in the sling), the stroller, etc.

More random Sienna pics from the last week or so.
"Eeeeee!" (Say Cheese!) She pretends to take my picture and it's so stinking cute.

Watching the Easter Beagle with her bunny kazoo.

Hot and sleepy.

And dragged to swim lessons.

She's really trying...

So sweet.

She likes to look out the window.

Random sleeping baby picture.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Angel Dalton

Dalton got to go with Daddy to an Angels game, with fourth row seats. He schmoozed and charmed everyone around him.  When I explained to him that people were giving him popcorn and M&Ms because they thought he was cute, he decided he's ok with being cute, and brags about the free M&Ms he got.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sienna and the Easter Eggs

For Easter I recreated an Easter photo shoot I did with Sienna last year, which I couldn't find on my blog. So here are the pictures from her first and second Easters.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

1-2-3: Money

Early one morning after feeding Sienna, I spied Maggie counting her dollars.

Dalton took a dollar to the store to buy "something" but when we drove by McDonald's, he insisted he wanted to buy a cheeseburger.  So he did. Awesome.

Dumping out the crayons. Beep doesn't have money, but this is what she does to the kids' money banks if she gets ahold of them.

Beep Beep and Beebee

I bought Sienna a baby doll this week.  She loves it.

And now I have to nurse with this pokey thing on my lap.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Sunday at the Beach

After church and Sienna's nap, we met some friends at Little Corona beach for some sand and splashes.

"Bunny Easter"

We celebrated "Bunny Easter" on Saturday so we didn't have to worry about it before church on Sunday.  The kids got these fun coloring pads from Aunt Jamie.  Sienna is obsessed with coloring now.

Morning snuggles.

I think the Easter Beagle helped hide the eggs.

On the hunt! The kids eggs were color coded so they were easier to find.

Look what Sienna found!

Maggie got some Rainbow Magic books.

Dalton got Bearenstain Bears, which he's been asking for.