Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Which We Attempt to Paddle a Canoe

More Disney.  Don't be jealous.

Dalton looking eagerly at the parade.

We have a very similar picture of Maggie toddling around the Redwood Forest play place at 14 months.

Maggie on the zip line.

Waiting for World of Color.


And remembering why we haven't done this in 5 years.

Maggie refusing to give Tigger a kiss on the nose.

This is how we roll.  Maggie got Mardi Gras beads because she refused to go on Pirates so I subjected her to the jazz band.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disney Days

Trying out the new rides at Cars Land.

Our usual 3D glasses shot, with the kids' new t-shirts.

Dalton looks a little worried, though he tried to cover it up in the next pic I took.

The Matterhorn is open! And they raised the height requirement. Bummer.

4 1/2 of us with Mickey. I don't understand why they have such awful lighting in these rooms. Maggie was excited to see a Silly Symphony Mickey because she loves the Silly Symphony Swings.

You will notice a lot more pictures of me now that John has an iphone.

Maggie is giving a dirty look to a girl who tried to encroach on her Pooh time.

New House

Here's our new house! It looks like every other house around here from the outside.  John took these after swimming, so excuse the lunch/post-swimming mess.

Master bedroom, and office.

Master bathroom.

Baby's room. I know what you're thinking. "Where are you going to put the baby?" We are wondering the same thing.

Dalton & Maggie's room.  There's also a bathroom by the kids' rooms, not pictured.

Dalton's bed is not made because he slept until 10:15 today (church is at 9).

Living room.

Private patio.

Front entry way.

Dining room/Kitchen

Garage entry way.  On the left is storage under the stairs, and a half bath on the right.  The door in the foreground is the pantry.

Kitchen.  I can see the park from the window, and counted 6 people walk by while I did the breakfast dishes (the dishwasher doesn't work right now).

Lunch time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memorial Day

Roasting marshmallows and Starburst at the cabin.

Maggie doing a "tapping dance".

Brook drove us in his Jeep up to Mineral Basin. The kids especially loved splashing through the river.

This is the kids throwing rocks in the stream.  Before Dalton threw one at the barrier, which then bounced back and hit him in the head.

And this is after. Barrier-bounce-back-proof, but they ended up splashed with mine tailings-water. Blech.

Farewell Pinata. 

I love this one of Maggie going crazy and me holding both "babies."

Cousins on the "tapping dance rock".