Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You, Santa.

Dalton asked for help writing a thank you note to Santa for his Angry Birds stuffed animal (it's the Star Wars pink bird, ie Princess Leia).  He drew a picture and John helped him write "Thank You"

And "Angry birds" on the back. So darn sweet.

Hanging with Grandpa

I spent a large amount of the visits to Grandpa's care center sitting in the car (or staying home) with sick kids.

Family dinner 12/23

Crazy baby hair (with Sabrina)

Best cousins.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning (after stockings and breakfast, we took the kids' presents to open with Grandpa).

It was a big hit.

And the day we left. Maggie taught Grandpa all about Angry Birds.

Boxing Day Sledding at the Cabin

I only made a couple runs. The cold hurt my poor sick lungs.

Dalton hung back with Aunt Jamie and Tyler

John went back out with Sienna.

The Angry Birds sledding

Even more fun in the cabin. Sienna made friends with Jetta.

Christmas Day and Presents

Stockings and Santa Gifts on Christmas Morning

Light sabers and Angry Birds stuffed animals, as requested.

S got Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Little People

Cookie face race game.

Matching jammies

Bonus Grandma snuggle

More bonus pictures from the kids opening their Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar from Leonard on the first.

And even more bonus pictures from when we got home and opened gifts from Uncle Leonard and Sumana,