Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kennecott Copper Mine

The Kennecott Copper Mine was kind of on our to-see list, so when a free admission coupon popped up, we took advantage.  It's about 1/2 hour to drive all the way to the east side of the valley.  We went with my cousins Jill and Sarah.  The very impressive mine uses 80 trucks the size of a house to carry loads filled using electric shovels that can lift the equivalent of 50 cars.  Another really interesting fact we learned is that the material being mined is only 1% copper! Somehow they've managed to make that profitable.

This place is pretty far out of the way, and doesn't have much to entertain young kids. Mine were pretty restless.  It was interesting though.  Admission is regularly $5, and all proceeds go to charity.

I wasn't kidding about the trucks being the size of a house.

Maggie's Preschool Graduation

Baby Girl. All grown up.

Baby boy. Playing Fruit Ninja with Daddy and saying, "Auntie Rachel."

They did a little program and Maggie sang along great.

With her cutie little graduation cap.

Throwing her hat.

With Miss Nicole.

Celebrating with Grandma at the ice cream shop afterward.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Disney Trip

These are pretty much all the pictures I took at Disneyland this trip.  Since we bought annual passes, I'm sure I'll be taking even fewer in the future.  

Miss Maggie on the tire swing in the Redwood Forest play thingy.

Maggie was not thrilled about this. Also, a pretty unphotogenic location.

Maggie was much more excited about this, and both of the kids loved watching cartoons while we waited.

Both the kids were excited about Tigger, too!

A few crazy pics on Dumbo.

Dalton's Stitches

I wrote about Dalton getting his first 2 stitches last night.  Here is is at the hospital, getting the area numb so they could shoot him up.

Here's a picture from our trip that gives you an idea of why they thought Toy Story might be enough to sedate him (it was).

This was this morning. His eye is a little swollen, but the bruising doesn't look too bad.  I think this is because his injury was from his sunglasses, not the cement.

Here he is with the band-aid off.  There's still a little blood he wouldn't let me clean off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dinosaur Poop: Then and Now

August 2010
May 2012

At the Discovery Science Center in Orange County.