About Us

Here we are! As a family, we love travelling, Disney, the beach, hiking, and anything that lets us spend time together.

I'm a mom, that's what I do.  Every day consists of cooking, cleaning, snuggling, fun stuff with the kids, crafting, mommying, and writing.

Miss Margaret is your average, spunky, imaginative third grader.  She loves My Little Pony, school, and making up games with her friends.  Her imagination is full of stories and new ideas and inventions.  She is really silly.

Dalton is in Kindergarten and is a ball full of silliness and snuggles. He likes the iPad, learning to read, stuffed animals, whatever his big sister is doing, and strangers.  He's super friendly, especially with adults - if you look fun, you are his new best friend/grandma/brother/whatever.

Sienna is a super fun 3 year old.  Her spunk and humor are a highlight in our family. She's got a mind of her own and the spunk to make it happen. She likes princesses, sugar, being stubborn, and making people laugh.

Arthur joined our family in November 2015.  He likes being held and showing off his muscles.

John is a CPA.  He spends his free time buried under the children's attentions.

Updated January 2016