Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mother's Day

Tender Greens for dinner the day before.

Sunday morning hike at Oso Creek Trail

Sienna insisted John take her to buy me flowers.

Dalton likes me because I yell at him.

March-May Decluttering

March: Master Closet and Bathrooms 

One trip to Goodwill this month.

April was the kids' rooms, which didn't make much difference. I have done their toys as we've gone along and really didn't feel the need to get rid of any others.

May was the garage. Aside from the kitchen, this made the most visual difference, I think.  I got rid of a lot of trash from the tool collection, some empty boxes, and extra boards, and I hosed off the garage floor.  This made a HUGE difference.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Disney in April

The Olaf Day

Saturday park hopping with Dad.

Wore out the boy.

More Saturday fun.  Dad's turn in Fantasyland.

Hanging out on Main Street with the big kids have fun on Indiana Jones.

The day we bought Ariel bubbles.

And played in the old trams.

The day we went with friends and spent most of the time watching baby animals.

Last Saturday fun day.  Sienna got to ride Matterhorn for the first time.

But in actuality, we spent more time at Downtown Disney.  Three times this month.

Daddy Daughter Luau