Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dalton Doesn't Break His Foot

Actual blog post about Dalton injuring his foot here.

Monsters University Family Theme Halloween Costumes

Ta dum! Here are our Monsters University costumes.

I made myself leg warmers and a skirt out of some purple fur I found on clearance. I just sewed tubes with elastic in a casing at the top.  My PNK shirt was via Etsy.  John's OK shirt was bought on Amazon, and I got his MU hat at Disneyland.

They even have matching trick-or-treat bags that we got last year.

Here's the t-shirt version of our costumes that we wore to Disneyland.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dalton's 5th Birthday

We had BYU Mint Brownies in Mike Wazowski and Sulley form.

And I took him to Disneyland with a friend and nooooo baby.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Homemade Sulley Tutu Halloween Costume

Here is the sneak peek for our Halloween costumes this year. I got them all done during the month of September, and I'm really proud of that! Maggie is being an Angry Bird, Dalton Mike Wazowski, and Sienna Sulley.

Sienna's costume is the first one I got started on, because it didn't require any sewing. Hah!

First take on the crocheted Sulley hat. I didn't like the face, so I ended up redoing the eyes and eyebrows and sewing everything back on differently. I used the same basic crocheted hat pattern that I used for the Q*Bert and Owl hats I made last year. The Sulley face and horns are patterned after this Sulley hat.

I bought (expensive) crocheted headband material for the tutu waistband but it totally didn't work. I ended up making it on ribbon. I would have preferred elastic, but this is what worked.  Here's a detailed tutorial for the no-sew tutu if you need that kind of thing. You just fold strips of tulle in half and knot around the waistband. I used about 1 1/2 25 yard spools in two different shades of blue.

As you can see, she loves trying her costume on.

Here's the final product. I cut pieces of marabou fluff, burned the ends with a candle to keep it from going too crazy, and sewed it on by hand.

Still deciding what she will wear under it. She has a plain white t-shirt and light blue bloomers if we can't find anything better. I'll update with more pictures.

Homemade Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume

Dalton wanted to be Mike Wazowski for Halloween so the rest of us (minus Maggie) are going along with a Monsters University theme.  I made his Mike Wazowski costume basically exactly like I made the Angry Bird costume for Maggie.

Mike Wazowski's teeth have rounded points. He isn't meant to be scary looking. I trimmed them after this picture, and sewing them down helped round them out, too.

Dalton learned that taking a selfie is hard.

I bought the MU hat on Amazon.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Homemade Black Angry Bird (Bomb) Halloween Costume

We eventually worked out that Maggie would be the black Angry Bird (Bomb) for Halloween. I made her Angry Bird costume out of fleece, with some polyester stuffing. It was pretty easy.  Here is a helpful tutorial for an Angry Bird costume. Cut out four big circles from the black fleece. Trim neckline and arm holes.

Cut out features from other fleece colors and sew to one of the body shapes.

Then I sewed two sets of the body shapes together, right sides together.  Left an opening for turning and stuffing. Then I sewed each set of body shapes together at the shoulders and under the arm.

The Bomb Angry Bird hat is terribly made from black fleece. We put a toilet paper roll inside the bomb fuse to get it to stand up. She loves it and won't wear it over her ears, or let me make a better one.

With Red. Completely unposed.

She likes to scrunch down like an angry bird with her head inside the costume and blow up.

Random September

Too much poptart, too little time? Can't remember this one.

Here's my 9-11 tribute.

The kids watched the first part of The Fellowship of the Ring with me.

Dalton wanted another picture in front of his school.

Hey, my fastest mile (on record) ever! hah.

Maggie's wise owl award.