Monday, June 30, 2014

I Quit

I quit my job! At least for the summer, I've decided not to work from home. And this is why:
To be fair, I actually took this picture while I was sewing. But Dalton spends almost all of Sienna's naptime almost every day watching shows or playing iPad. With him going to school 5 days a week this fall, I feel like I am missing out on so much time to be with him. So I'm going to spend that time with him instead of on the computer. I've pared down other things online as well, and I'm looking forward to spending my online time blogging - for me - and otherwise spending the summer off the computer.

June Misc

Sunday afternoon park visit. Maggie played hide and seek with some new friends (and won).

Attempting to plank.

Attempting to dive.

Maggie teaching hand games to all the boys at the park.

Our summer list.

By Dalton 


I read a blog about toddler baby hairstyles and learned that multi-band ponies are harder to take out. Sienna, obviously, did not read this blog post.

Driving the Mazda.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Dress for Dolly

I made Sienna's doll a dress to match the girls' flower girl dresses, mostly because the doll had no clothes. It turned out kind of weird.

Then I made a quick t-shirt for the doll out of leftover fabric from my dress, by cutting a t-shirt shape out twice and sewing side and shoulder seams. It fits more like a dress and the neck is getting stretched out, but it looks way better.

Then I made some leggings out of leftover fabric from my practice dress. Quick leg seams and a waistband.  Supposed to be pants, but leggings look better anyway under the supposed-to-be-a-shirt dress.

Where'd It Go?

One of Sienna's latest phrases, "where'd it go?" complete with upturned hands.

This is Sienna looking for my hairbrush. I had to go buy a new one to pack for our trip. I also blame her for the missing travel-sized conditioner and possibly the camera.

Friday, June 27, 2014

End of School, Beginning of Summer

Last day of first grade!

She asked for a yearbook, then we decided to make one for her. I'm so glad we did. $25 saved.

For our last day of preschool, we had a pool party. We did it after regular school so all the big sisters could come. Dalton was the only boy. It was nice to relax after a stressful year of learning the alphabet.

We had a playdate at a favorite park with friends on the first day of summer. Maggie fixed her own hair. She thinks that smoothing it down with water does the same thing as brushing it. And she made a "braid."

Sienna had fun at the park.

Legoland Chima Water Park

Today John took the day off work and we went to Legoland to try out the new Lego Chima addition to the water park. It was pretty awesome. They had one play area full of showering water and slides too big for Sienna (boo) and no fun for the rest of us. But wave pool was awesome! Kids under 42" have to wear a life vest, and Maggie chose to wear one as well, so we had lots of safe fun. Bonus that we got there right when it opened and it was practically empty (picture is from when we left).

They also have a place where you can add on to a boat and float it down a little stream.

Lots of Chima characters (it's more thematic than the rest of the park (all of Legoland) which is awesome.

And speedorz racers.

Then I got to do lots of rounds in my favorite - the lazy river!

John's view from his sandy relaxing spot.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

All in a Week's Work

Rough life this Beep has.


Early morning walk with dad. Her hair is as wild as that grass!

That day I forgot her shoes twice.

She made do. 

I have to deal with this every time we get in the car. She has an awfully strong backbend, and a will to match.

Got a backpack to use as a carryon for our trip. I guess it's technically a carry on for her (diaper bag) but that isn't what I meant.