Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween Fun

Disneyland with mom.
 Trunk or Treat

Pumpkin patch with friends.
 Disneyland with dad.
Park group Halloween party and trick-or-treat dash with Arthur's favorite dinosaur.

Minecraft pumpkins!

Off to school.

Kinder class Halloween party.

Ready for trick or treat.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Homemade Peter Pan Family Costumes

This year for our family Halloween costume theme, we picked Peter Pan.   This year's costumes involved a lot more sewing than usual, and no crochet!

Arthur: Michael Darling. I ordered pink zipper footie pajamas from Primary and sewed on a couple buttons.  He also carried a teddy around.

 Sienna: Tinkerbell. The dress is Simplicity 2377 (aka the pattern I use for pretty much everything) for the bodice, then I cut doubles of giant leaf shapes, sewed each set right sides together, basted them into a circle, and gathered to the bodice.  It turned out shorter than I wanted, but I think it looked cute and very Tink.  I made a lime green tutu to wear under the dress for some puff.  The wings were a hand me down pair from a friend. She also wore white puff balls on her flip flops, but my neighbor made those because she is a puff ball expert.

Dalton: John Darling.  We ordered a collapsible top hat from ebay that was not collapsible, and was also pretty smashed from being mailed in a bag. But at least it arrived, unlike the other item I ordered from ebay at the same time.  I digress.  He is wearing Harry Potter glasses a friend had in her costume bin, and I made the night shirt.  I traced one of John's collared shirts and threw the thing together.  It's not pretty, but it worked.

Maggie: Tiger Lily.  We borrowed a costume from a friend. A dress (she had to wear leggings under it), boot covers, and a head piece.  The only thing I added was gold ribbon wrapped around the ends of her braids.

John: Peter Pan. Shirt is from Goodwill, belt is from the dollar store,and pants are from Amazon. I made the hat using this Peter Pan Hat Tutorial, which is sized for toddlers. So I made it bigger. And kept cutting it smaller and smaller until it fit.  

 Me: Wendy. I think I used this pattern as a reference. My dress turned out enormous, I literally cut feet of material off the sides. I sewed a super long satin ribbon to the front, and made a giant blue hair bow, which I hot glued to an alligator clip.  Done. It was comfy, even though I made it out of a $5 Walmart sheet and had to wear a slip.