Friday, January 28, 2011

First Sewing Projects and a Non Surprise

I mentioned earlier that I've decided to learn real embroidery. I bought some supplies, doodled a design, and learned 4 stitches. As I was working on my sampler this afternoon, Maggie came and "helped" me. I told her a friend was sending us Maggie needles - plastic yarn needles. Not two minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" Maggie asked.
"Someone who doesn't read English," I replied. There is a Please Knock note on the doorbell - with an arrow pointing to the door even.
Lo, and behold - A package containing plastic yarn needles! Maggie was thrilled. I cut out a pattern from a cereal box, punched holes with my new handy-dandy hole punch, and threaded the needle with some yarn that was lying around. We did a star because this week's preschool was S. She completed her project while I finished mine, and Dalton went back to sleep - briefly.

And also a triangle that was leftover from cutting out the star.
Here we are with our projects. More on my embroidery later.
If you had told me two months ago that these are the things I would have requested in a package... well, first of all, I would have packed them in a suitcase and brought them myself! I was especially excited about the 3M hooks. I've already hung up our clock properly (it may have been dangling from a light fixture by a piece of yarn...) and my calendar. And I rigged a holder for my recipe papers on the cupboard so I can see them when I'm baking. Yay! Thanks, Kim.


Mommysavers said...

So glad you got them! :)

Rachel said...

now we both need someone to send us drammamine!