Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bulletin Board Tutorial

I made this easy bulletin board for my mother-in-law to hang in her new sunroom. This project took about 45 minutes.
Supplies needed:
  • 16x16" particle board (mine was laminate on one side) with holes drilled 4" in from each side and 1" down
  • 12x12" square cork
  • 2 (or more) 12x12" scrapbooking papers
  • thumbtacks
  • flat-bottomed glass marbles
  • 18" ribbon
  • Mod Podge
  • wood glue
  • super glue
  • foam brush
  • scissors
Cut 6 4" squares from each piece of paper. You should have one 4x12" strip leftover from each.
Lay out your squares how you want them to make sure they look nice and cover your board. Using mod podge, glue down the corner squares first. That way, if there is overlap it will be in the center. Once all your papers are glued down, put a thin layer of mod podge over the top. Your brushstrokes will be visible so make them all the same direction. Smooth out any bubbles.
While your papers dry, cut out circles from your 4x12" scraps to use for your thumbtacks. Mod podge the papers onto the flat bottom of the marbles.Turn your marbles upside down. Put a drop of super glue on each thumbtack and put them upside down on the marbles.
Using wood glue, glue the cork down on the middle of the board. Weigh it down with something heavy, such as your collection of CRAFT magazines.
When the wood glue is dry, thread the ribbon through the holes, knotting in the back.Here are some other ones I made as gifts:
And some for the kids here.

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Christmas (Part 2)

Cutest picture ever. What a good example Justin is setting.
Someone different is wearing this hat in every picture. I don't even know whose it is.
Maggie and two purple monsters.
Dalton with Aunt Jamie and his new snuggle buddy.
What do I do with this??
(Just kidding - Chad is great with the baby)

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Christmas (Christmas Morning)

She was very excited to see that Santa came.
A yellow present...
with a horsie in it! How did he know???
Maggie was amazed to find these cookies in her stocking. Not sure why.
A blue table!
Close-ups of Santa's elf's cute handiwork.New socks for Christmas!
My handsome boys!Present-opening came to a halt so Maggie could play with the plastic dinosaurs from Colette.We bought Maggie an easel with paper, whiteboard, and chalkboard.

Ring Around the Baby

The Twenty-Fourth Day of Christmas

The real event on Christmas Eve was John's aunt Birgitta's Christmas Eve party, but we were too busy having fun to take any pictures.
We played in the snow in the back yard and made a snow angel. That is, we made a snowman and I tried to get Maggie to make a snow angel, after which she insisted the snowman was a snow angel.
We also put some magic reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer. The pictures are horrible because I was holding Dalton and the bag if reindeer food and the camera, and Dalton had a dirty diaper.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Twenty-Third Day of Christmas

Maggie's Christmas Concert
Jingle Bells


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Daddy Home

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Twenty-Second Day of Christmas

We got another chance at building a snowman today, but the snow was still too powdery. Maggie had a lot of fun in the snow though.
For the full effect, you can watch this 2 minute video of Maggie "building a snowman".

Christmas Ornaments

We wanted to document the ornaments we've been buying to represent each year, because we're sure to eventually forget.
This year (2009) we bought this beautiful Old Faithful ornament on our trip to Yellowstone.
In 2008, we bought these skiing meese in Park City.
In 2007 John picked a holiday palm tree as a farewell to California.
I got a snowmommy with a baby - the year Maggie was born.
And I bought Maggie the only non-hideous Baby's First Christmas ornament in existence.
In 2006 we went on a cruise to Alaska and bought these.
Susie (dog sledding!)
2005: We moved to California and bought Disney passes for the first time. This is John's:
And mine.