Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dinosaur Hairstyles

The dinosaur hairstyles started when both our kids dressed as dinosaurs for Halloween in 2010. Maggie was a Triceratops (three pigtails) and Dalton was a Stegosaurus (spiked hair). Since then, well... ponytail, pigtail, birdie tail (what Rachel and I called half ponytails growing up)... it was only natural Maggie would soon ask for dinosaur tails.

I am NOT a hairstylist. I'm just a creative mom with a dino-loving daughter. I'll add to this post as we try more hairstyles.
One "horn" in the front, and three spikes coming out of her frill. I would have done more spikes, but Dalton managed to break the rest of our small rubber bands.

Pachycephalosaurus has hard bumps around the crown of his head. I did two French braids sideways around Maggie's head and bundled them together into one big "bump" at the back.

Dilophosaurus has two crests on his head. We did little braids, then bigger tails.
Basic Triceratops 

ETA: Maggie's hairstyles have moved beyond dinosaurs... She now requests things like Snowman, candy cane, and even a wagon! 

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