Sunday, May 1, 2011

Word Bingo

I tried a new learning game with Maggie today that she really enjoyed. Which is saying something, because I can hardly get her to sit down and do an activity with me sometimes. I noticed a Sight Word Bingo game in an activity program I bought to do with her. It's not for several weeks, but she already knows some sight words from the Meet Sight Words DVDs. Maggie helped me remember some of the words she knows to make this game. We drew the word cards out of a plastic ice cream cone, and used wooden beads as markers.
I thought maybe 25 words would be too much, since she's never played bingo before, so I quickly made a 9-square grid to learn how to spell the color names as well. We tried that one first and she was eager to play the sight word bingo.
If she couldn't find a word, we went through each one, and I was surprised she was able to remember and "read" most of them herself. We haven't reviewed these words in several months.

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Lisa Smith said...

What a fun idea! Jakob is finishing Kindergarten and knows most of them, but this would be a fun game to play! Thanks for the idea!