Friday, April 29, 2011

Local Wildlife

Teeny lizard who keeps appearing on our balcony.
Dead rat in the street.
Much larger lizard, thankfully not on our balcony.

I May Need More Cardstock

Some of my piles have over 15 pictures in them.

Team Vest

We went on a work outing with John's team yesterday. They had an all day resort party with games, swimming, food, and of course a dance contest. The video of John's group dance is on Facebook, Blogger couldn't handle the length. Check it out, it's awesome.
John playing Ting Ting (as they call it here).
Mega Chess, or Chess Land.
Maggie had great fun with this.
After half an hour of moving pieces
I was amazed to discover
She had arranged them in B&W order alternatively around the entire board.
Love this sign. John claims Pooh and Piglet have radiation poisoning.
Scary mermaid.
Fishy Discotheque
Miss Maggie with a mango "that boy" picked for her.
ETA: Maggie just came up to me and said "Remember a boy gave me a mango from a tree?"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hong Kong Signs

(Outside it's a small world ride)
One I didn't get a picture of was in the bathroom at the museum. It said, "Please do not squat on the toilet bowl." India also has this problem, but I've never seen a sign for it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hong Kong: Stanley Market and Papparazzi

Stanley Market.
I would like to point this picture out as possibly the only one from the trip where I'm not wearing the baby sling.
The actual market.
Dalton's Chinese clothes.
And Maggie's.
Maggie with her parasol and Chinese dress and me in my shirt with Maggie's new fan. She uses the fan for "winding".
Here is everything we bought at Stanley Market. I had to gray out Chad's birthday present because it was really obvious.
Times Square had this "lomography" exhibit that included a trampoline, and a LOT of people with cameras. Taking pictures of our kids, of course.
The lady on the left is taking a video of Dalton.
We also went there a few days ago. This is the place John mentioned with the Tropic of Cancer mislabeled as the Equator.
And what post would be complete without a photo showing how exhausted our kids are?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Snoopy's World

In this post you will see some reasons why our kids think all of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Disneyland.
Hong Kong Heritage Museum. They were doing a 25 years of Pixar exhibit, but the wait to get in was 1:45, so we skipped it.
The stairs.
Playing in the Children's Discovery Center.
Draw on a transparency with blue marker, then shine it onto your bowl to see your porcelain design.
Cantonese Opera exhibit.
This is a really nice park near the temple. When we walked in Maggie said, "look, grass!" And the grass was the least nice part of the park.
Snoopy's World - a free play place on top of the mall.