Monday, March 29, 2010

Peanuts Cuties

As I was getting Dalton dressed today, I realized...
they match!

Easter Bunnies

I made these marshmallow peep bunnies out of felt for Easter this year. I made enough for my Primary class, my nieces, and of course Maggie and Colette (totally counts as felt food!) I just cut out two bunny shapes for each and embroidered french knots for the eyes and nose. Then I blanket stitched the two sides together, stuffing before finishing off. I also decided to add arms to the bunnies to hold a treat, cash, or a note. The arm is just a strip of felt, added to the blanket stitch on both sides. I was going to do the Peeps chicks (pattern here), but I didn't really like how the one I made turned out, plus I liked the bunny-arm idea.Why can't she sit this still when I'm trying to take a picture of her?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Resurrection Eggs

I made Resurrection Eggs to do for an Easter Family Home Evening activity with Maggie. I used the words and scripture references from here, but I used a few different items inside the eggs so that I can keep them and use them again every year. They store nicely in an egg carton, which never occurred to me before. I will just have to spray fresh perfume in egg #2.

I used a picture of the Sacrament for #3 and a picture of Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane for #4 - both of these were in the April 2010 Ensign (pg 9 & 10). So grab your April Ensign and make a set of these to do with your family! John made two sets and took them to his hometeaching families. Isn't that a thoughtful thing to do?

One: When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people waved branches because that’s what people used to do when a king walked by. Mark 11:8-9 (a leaf)

Two: Later, Jesus had a special dinner with his friends. A woman came and poured perfume on his head. This showed that she knew that he was the Christ and she knew that he would die soon. Mark 14:3 (a piece of cloth with perfume on it)

Three: The next day, Jesus had another special meal with his friends. We call this The Last Supper. This is when the sacrament began, because Jesus said that people who followed Him should have bread and wine or water to help them remember Him. Mark (picture of the Sacrament)

Four: Jesus went to a garden to pray. Here, he suffered for our sins. Because He did this for us, we can repent and live in heaven again. D&C 19:16-19 (picture of Christ praying)

Five: Judas was supposed to be one of Jesus’ special helpers, but instead he helped other men arrest Jesus. He did this because those men paid him money. Mark 14:10-11 (3 dimes)

Six: After Jesus was arrested, the soldiers were really mean to Him and made fun of Him. One thing that they did was to put a purple robe on Him. Only kings wore purple robes. They didn’t realize that He really was a King, they were just teasing Him because people thought He was a king! Mark 15:16-18 (piece of purple cloth)

Seven: Jesus was crucified. Mark 15:25 (paper cross)

Eight: When the soldiers put Jesus on the cross, they pounded nails into His hands and feet. D&C 6:37 (nail)

Nine: Another thing the soldiers did to make fun of Jesus was to put a sign on the cross that said “THE KING OF THE JEWS” Again, they thought they were making fun of Him, they didn’t realize that He really was the King of the Jews! Mark 15:26 (paper sign that says "THE KING OF THE JEWS")

Ten: After Jesus died, His friends put his body in a tomb. Later, some of the women who followed Him came to the tomb to put spices on His body. That was something they did back then when someone died. Mark 16:1 (whole cloves)

Eleven: The tomb had a rock that could roll over the opening to seal it. While the women were walking to the tomb, they wondered how they would get the stone out of the way. Mark 16:3-4 (smooth, round rock)

Twelve: When they got to the tomb, they were amazed to find that the stone had been rolled out of the way - and Jesus’ body was gone! Then an angel came and told them, “He is risen; he is not here” This egg is empty because Jesus’ tomb was empty. Jesus’ tomb was empty because He was resurrected! Mark 16:6

Christopher Robin and Friends

Here is Maggie's first drawing of a person.
That's Christopher ("Bismaser") Robin on the left with all the green curly hair. At the top right is Owl. In the circle on the right is Kanga, with Pooh (bottom) and Piglet (middle) in between. On the bottom left is Rabbit and Eeyore (the long one).

Here is the first person I drew. I find it odd that I didn't draw a person until after I turned 4, especially considering I could write my name.

Agent Maggie

I took the kids to Walgreen's to have their passport pictures taken. The guy taking the pictures commented that Maggie looks like she's applying for the CIA.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby High Chair Recover

I recovered one of our hand-me-down high chairs using this tutorial. I picked out the fabric with Jodi in mind (she told me she had picked out green bedding with elephants and brown trim) since we are sharing this particular hand-me-down (and many others). Technically, Erin wants the high chair back, so thanks to her for letting me ruin it before making it much better.
This high chair had a foam pad (and 10 year old crumbs) in between layers of cracked vinyl. I couldn't find the quilted batting that was used in the tutorial, so I ended up basically recovering the foam pad.

I cut the front off the existing pad and traced around the back to make a pattern. Then I cut out the green flannel and 8 gauge vinyl (wipeable and washable!) for the front and brown fleece for the back. I sewed it all around the pad using bias tape. We are making friends, bias tape and I. I sewed all the layers together at the joints, as in the tutorial. The foam pad had holes in it for this purpose.
I sewed button holes on the bottom flaps to hook around the tabs of the chair. The top part isn't quite wide enough for the method, so I sewed elastic loops onto the sides to hook around the upper tabs. Also, I need to make a belt for this chair. It didn't have one. I'll sew a large button hole for it to hook through, once I get the buckles to make the belt.
The big girl still fits, too.

Fries & Dip

The first thing Maggie said this morning was, "Piggies are going to get fries and dip!"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fancy Dress

Last night John and I attended a benefit gala for Make-a-Wish. Here's a picture of us all dressed up.
Oh, you wanted one without Dalton's finger in the way? Heh.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dalton Sits Up

Baby boy still can't quite sit up on his own. This is normal, but it feels late compared to Maggie's super-early sitting up at 4 months. He can, however, do this:And anytime he lays on his back, he does little crunches like this. It's so silly. This was the best picture I could get. Several people have commented on it, so I thought I'd record it.
And look at this cuteness. Brotherly Love.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fisher Price furniture recover

It's about time the "little guys"s beds were made. Got the idea here.

It's Easy Being Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Thanks to Leonard and Sumana for Dalton's green shirt, Jodi and Franco for Maggie's, and Rachel for mine. You'd think we never buy our own clothes!

I suppose I could have wiped her nose first.And here's the silly girl a few nights ago. Pretending to be Mr. Potato Head again.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Felt Play Money

I made a few felt play bills for Maggie today. I like how the freehand cutting and the handstitching gave them a bit of a cartoony look. I got the idea here.

Felt Fortune Cookies and Chinese Take Out Box

I followed the instructions for making the felt fortune cookies at Somewhat Simple. They were really easy and fast to make. The Chinese take out box is another story. I sewed the whole thing by hand, plus the embroidery. I got the pattern and instructions here. It was fun and definitely worth the effort, though. This is one of my favorite items of felt food I've made so far.

Portable DVD Player Tote

Maggie got her own DVD player for her birthday - and by "birthday" I mean "upcoming 4 hour car rides, 17 hour plane ride, and countless 'Mommy's making dinner upstairs and the TV is as far away from the kitchen as possible' times". I loosely used this tutorial from Make It and Love It.
Maggie picked out the fabric (she choose pink, then I gave her 3 options). I know I said I wouldn't work with bias tape again, but it was so tempting. It turned out better this time, and my main problem was actually with the bobbin, not the tape, so hurray. I used fleece to line it instead of using batting and a lining.It holds our 7" player and a DVD or two, plus a pleated pocket for the power cord and car charger.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whee, You're 3!

This is the card Maggie received from her Uncle Leonard for her birthday. He brought it for her in November. He has been saving it for over 8 1/2 years, since I sent it to him for his 22nd birthday. Who knew how perfect it'd be for a little Maggie girl so many years later? She loves it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Miss Maggie turned 3 today. We had an "O"s party. We made {ate} Fruit Loop necklaces.
Sang "Happy Birthday" to a shy girl.

Ate lemon poppy seed circle cake.
Played Ring Around the Rosie {Ethan was the only one who wanted to play}
Played with balloons for half an hour.
And opened some fun presents.
After the party, I found Maggie in her room reading her new Berenstain Bears book, and introducing her new elephant to Bullseye/Eat Hay.
We went to Burger King for dinner.And got Maggie her very own portable DVD player. So spoiled.

Monday, March 8, 2010

How Time Flies

Brand New Baby Girl
2 weeks
Sitting up unsupported at 4 months
6 months and chubby9 months
First Birthday
California Girl - 14 months
16 months
2nd Birthday
Age 2 - in Yellowstone
Big Sister 10/2009