Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyday Indian

Just a few pictures of non-ethnic clothes we've bought in India. We've selected the least over-decorated things we could find. A shirt doesn't need words, pictures, zippers, buttons, stripes AND glitter. On the same piece of clothing.
Yep, John is wearing capris! This is a water park, so it's not like it was "in public" but he now has two pairs and they're awesome!I'm very shiny these days. I have a few sequined tops, and four layered skirts like this, some kneelength and some long. Plus, some churidar tops and leggings.
Here is Maggie sporting the "track pants" look, a common style in girls' play clothes. Her shirt says "Bees communicate by dancing" and is the least weird of the "random animal facts" t-shirts I chose from. She also has Disney-licensed fake Crocs.
The only clothes I think we've bought Dalton was this Mickey Mouse outfit. Probably not actually licensed because it's a little "off." (Belle is a sticker, not part of the shirt.) We did just get some hand-me-downs for him and today he is wearing a little Dalton-sized Y shirt.
He's also gone through a few pairs of Indian shoes. Now he is wearing these orange and green ones with a picture of a dog.

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