Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sensory Box Theme Ideas

Here are pictures of the sensory boxes the kids and I have played with. I usually set a shallow box on an extra sheet for easy cleaning up. My favorite sensory boxes, as far as clean-up goes, are beans and water.

Here's Dalton sorting pinto beans into mini ice cube trays.
Scooping and pouring rice.
Birthday sensory box! This sensory box contained:
  • white rice
  • orange and green lentils (sprinkles)
  • silicone cupcake cups
  • birthday candles
  • spoons and scoops
  • yarn poofs
  • small boxes wrapped as presents
Dinosaur Sensory Box: pinto beans, dried peas, white limas, rocks, shells, and some blue construction paper for a lake.
Two farm sensory boxes. I was not a fan of the oatmeal. The powder got all over Maggie's clothes.
The second farm theme we tried was dried corn, rocks, beads and toothpicks for fences, pumpkin seeds, and hay bales made from yellow and gold embroidery thread.
But the best sensory box we've done was with water and ice.

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