Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pitiful Boy

Dalton usually wakes up long after John has left for work. He is also usually sad about it.  On Wednesday, he composed a song.

So sad! But also really funny... He tells me he was making a sad face because he is sad in the song, but this is the for reals sad face he had when we took a picture to send to Daddy earlier.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break Fun

I tried to pack Spring Break full of fun so the kids wouldn't fight.  It worked.

Monday was a beach day with our friends. We had school friends and church friends join us at Newport Beach, which I selected for boogie boarding. Unfortunately, Maggie got dumped by a wave and wasn't much interested after that. But Sienna enjoyed the boogie board!

Two friends from Maggie's class with the class bear (one friend is also from church).

There was an eclipse on Monday night. I woke MAggie up so we could look at it. See the tiny pink moon?

We had swim lessons on Tuesday. 

 Maggie made it to level 5!

After swimming we went to IKEA, Dalton's must-do on the Spring Break fun list.

On Wednesday the kids spent the day at gymnastics Spring Camp.

Thursday we took a friend to the Irvine Regional Park and the OC Zoo.

This made me laugh... I was opening a package of graham crackers for the kids and the racoons popped up and showed immense interest!

Climbing trees was the highlight of the park/zoo visit.

Thursday was also the Flashlight Egg Hunt and Friday we went to Legoland with John.

We got some really well-working guns this time...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2nd Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

We had 34 kids join in this year's Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. So fun!  

Dalton hiding the #1 egg... he was actually able to find it in first in the dark, too!

Getting ready.


Prize table.

Dilley Greenbelt Preserve (Laguna Coast Wilderness)

John found this after church one Sunday.

We went again the Saturday before Easter as a family.

We started from the James Dilley Preserve parking lot, just north of the 73.  We took the Canyon Trail and walked until it started going uphill.

Maggie made some lizard friends.

Maggie with more lizards.

Dalton Swims

Dalton has decided to swim.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Maggie's March Journals

His name is Morgan.

Luckily this turned out to be not such a creepy story when I heard the whole thing (see the journal prompt).

I love all her different drawings.