Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mornings with Nen

I get lots of one on one time with this cutie now that the kids are back in school.  This morning, she picked out her "corn" skirt to wear. I had a doctor appointment, so she went to a friend's house, with her taxi and milk cup in tow.

Playing "hide the carrot in the Easter egg."

She got out her penguin binoculars and wanted to look for animals.  We found some. I'm not sure she even knew we had all these little animal figures. We had a great time spying them out and naming each one.  She particularly likes zebras, horses, and tigers.

I blew up the kiddie pool for her to play in. Mostly for her stuffed animals to play in. I'm tired to having to put them back on the shelf every time she goes to sleep (because the room must be completely spotless, or she won't go to bed.)  So I threw them all in the pool and threw it in the hallway at naptime.  Anyway, in the meantime, they are riding "teacups."

She was throwing stuffed animals at me and I got her to throw them at the chair instead. She is counting "1, 2, 7". And then got distracted by her car.

Naptime. She wears me out, but I love her anyway.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School

First day of school for Maggie (3rd grade) and Dalton (Kindergarten)

Dalton has two little church friends in his class, and two more next door.

Our neighbor is in the other class, but they are happy to carpool together!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pet Nenna

Sienna went to obedience school this summer.

Friday, August 28, 2015

End of Summer Fun

We packed lots into the last couple weeks of summer.

Dinner with my aunt and two cousins-once-removed.

Lunch with Daddy at work.

Learning how to play monopoly (Dalton won).

Some sick time.

Yogurtland was the last check off our summer fun list.

Kids went to gymnastics camp for one day. It wore Dalton out.

Neighborhood water balloon fight.

Celebrating John's awesomeness.

Beach day with friends on the last day of summer break.

Utah: Everything Else

Playing Wii and Uno with Grandpa was a highlight of this trip, especially for Dalton.

Our intended pool was closed, but we found one in Sugarhouse that worked. The kids had a great time, though only Maggie was tall enough for the slide.

And this one was close to The Soup Kitchen!

Little kitty boarding the plane.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Utah: Timpanogos Cave

Early Monday morning, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave with Jodi and Franco.  We had to wake the kids up and it was a long, hard hike for those of us carrying babies and adjusting to the altitude. So, for everyone but the kids.

Sienna was obsessed with the bear box and cried when I made her get out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Utah: Aquarium and Penguin Encounter

Our third day in Utah, we went to the aquarium.  

The highlight of the visit was that Maggie and I (and some other family) got to do the penguin feeding. John kindly let me have the ticket and watched the (hungry, grumpy kids) since baby and I miss out on lots of things right now.

Here are the videos I took during the penguin encounter.