Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Week of Disney

We had a mid-week visit with friends. I took the littlies on Astro Blasters while my friend took all the big kids on Star Tours.

A Saturday with Dad. Early morning rocket ride.  This was John's first visit to Tomorrowland this time around.

Autopia time!

These slushes are a new treat at Disneyland. Perfect for the HOT weather.

I went after the second day of school.

And another Saturday with Daddy. I blogged about our visit to Bug's Land already. This is one of my favorite pictures of Beep ever.

Other than a few on-ride selfies, most of the pictures from today were of Sienna.

Because she's so stinkin' cute.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Random July/August

Random Round-Up. Pretty much everything that wasn't Disney. 
Dalton rang the bell for the first time at gymnastics.

Found in my bed, hours after bedtime.

I'm assuming Dalton took this.

One of her prizes from the library summer reading challenge.  She looks about 3.

Squished Beep.

Rhythmic gymnastics (ball)

Just a Sunday afternoon, with a little homemade Halloween sneak peek.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Day of TK and Second Grade

Kids started school this week! Maggie is in 2nd Grade and Dalton started Transitional Kindergarten.

Sienna is loving her mornings with Mom so far.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mickey and Friends (Without the Mickey)

I went to Disneyland three times last week and we saw about a million characters. Or maybe 20.

On Monday, I traded Dalton for one of Maggie's friends. As soon as we walked in the door, we saw Ariel, and I had to let Sienna meet her bestie.

The 7 year olds were unimpressed with waiting in line in the sun, but were happy to discuss mermaidness with Ariel when the time came.

Sienna got distracted by the train.

On Wednesday, we got to the park shortly after opening time. Minnie came strutting out as we entered, so we were the second group to see her. She was overly excited to see Sienna. Like, I think she had too much coffee, overly excited.

Then we swung into Pixie Hollow, which we have never done before. The line was short. We first met Fawn.

And then Tinkerbell herself. 

Tinkerbell asked the kids what their favorite colors were and pronounced what type of fairy that made them. Maggie found this extremely interesting and spent a lot of time reading about Disney fairies on wikipedia on my phone, and watching Disney Fairy clips when we got home. 

Oh look, another finger-up-the-nose for posterity.

Later, we took advantage of a ten minute wait for the Royal Hall.

Hey look, there's Ariel again!

And, Dalton's ride pick for the day was Winnie the Pooh, so we waited to see him and his friends.

Sienna has lost interest in some of the characters and even cried once or twice (she is getting tired of being dragged to Disneyland every day, I think...) but NEVER Pooh.

And we lucked into an Aladdin and Jasmine spotting. Sienna was nursing while we waited in line, so she was fairly unimpressed.

No characters out, probably because this place was in full sun when we were there, but they have a really cool wall decorated as an MU dorm. We especially loved the eyeball door knob.

Hey, Sofia! The kids recently watched this for the first time, as I won a DVD. 

Thursday we were there at opening again, just for a few hours before naptime. Chip and Dale were greeting guests at the main entrance.

We were deciding to do Pixie Hollow again (Maggie is now obsessed) when we spotted Peter Pan nearby.

Then we met Silvermist.

And saw Tinkerbell again.

Non character related pictures. There are three.

Maggie and her friend riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad by themselves (in the first row.)

Sienna on the carousel.

Horseless carriage. My sweet helper.