Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Disney World Friends

One of the main goals at WDW was to do stuff we couldn't do at Disneyland. And some of that was fun characters.

I was hoping this was the talking Mickey, but no such luck. 

We were the first people in line, and he wanted to take Maggie out on the town.

Peasant Belle in France in Epcot.

Sienna was very impressed with Marie's bow.

Supposedly, this is the only place in any park where Mickey and Minnie appear together. Animal Kingdom.

We were first in line, and Sienna wanted "More Minnie!" so we got back in line and saw them twice.

Naptime.  It was pretty hot and miserable. She fell asleep on me during the bus ride and slept for an hour.

Belle's Enchanted Storytime. We also saw the Beauty and the Beast musical and Sienna was sooo happy.

Stitch in Tomorrowland.

Disney World: Water Parks

The Disney World water parks were the best (We especially liked Blizzard Beach). My favorite ride of all the parks was Teamboat Springs. The whole family could ride together in a raft and it was long, fun ride.

Maggie was too big for this waterslide in the kiddie area, but Sienna loved it. I may have shoved her down the first time. I may have shoved her down a lot of waterslides.

On the way to the resort pool. Not sure how she keeps her shoes on like this.

Dalton really loved the obstacle course elements, even though he was just short enough to make them difficult.

Sienna played for life jackets for 20 minutes, because, grump.

Disney World!

We didn't take nearly as many pictures at WDW as you might think, but I still got a little overwhelmed blogging them. So here are ALL the pictures I didn't sort out, in roughly chronological order. We saw really a lot of shows that there are no pictures of. The kids particularly liked the stunt shows.

Poor Sienna crashed just a few minutes after we actually got to Epcot the first night. We left at 5:30 am, so it wasn't too surprising.

The first few days I was on my own while John attended his conference.

We met up with my cousin Kristen and her family.

We all loved the Magic Carpet ride. The camel squirting water was so nice in the 90 heat.

Hollywood Studios in the evening with Daddy. We stayed for Fantasmic!

Sienna dancing while waiting for Fantasmic.

Another day without John. Soooo hot and miserable. We planned on visiting this water playplace. Dalton was the only one who wanted to get wet, and he got "two soakeds put together."

Kids loved the mouse peeping out of the teapot.

We didn't wait in line to meet Gaston, but Sienna was more impressed with his statue.

We brought a bag of pennies and let the kids make wishes in every fountain we passed.

Had to drag Dalton on this ride.... and then he wanted to do it again.

Animal Kingdom... we basically split up the whole day since Sienna and I couldn't go on many of the rides. Maggie got to throw grapes to a bird in the bird show.  Everyone's favorite ride was Expedition Everest, which they rode three times. The Safari was fun, too.

We picked out some treats and decided to ride the train around while eating them. Unfortunately, we got kicked off the train due to lightning and had to walk in the rain all the way across the park to get our stroller and bag.  But we found this sign!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Sienna is obsessed with ants.

Disney Jr.

Rock n' Roller Coaster for the big kids! Maggie loved it. She's such a dare devil.

The Great Movie Ride is the longest line we waited in, thanks to FastPass+.  We waited about 40 minutes, but it was fun.

Star Wars speeders.

And a bunch of family selfies, which are my fave.


People Mover - everyone loved this ride.


Hammock at the resort.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Happenings

Maggie won a second WISE Owl award in 2nd grade.

We've seen some giant furry caterpillars near our house.

Kids playing baseball with their friends after school.

We tried ice skating during Maggie's lesson again, and didn't end up in the ER.

Sienna moved to a big girl... mattress.  She hasn't napped in it yet (sigh) but sleeps well at night.

And the summer fun has begun. The first week after our Disney World trip, we went to the beach, the library, the park, the pool, and Big Air.