Sunday, June 29, 2008


Maggie fell down the cement steps on the back porch yesterday. The swelling has gone down and the bruise doesn't look so bad anymore, just a nice scrape.

Hygienist in Training

Here is Maggie getting ready yesterday morning. Gotta floss between those two teeth.

Yellow Thumb

At last my garden is actually growing. Most of it anyway - none of my herbs came up, even the second time I tried. It seems friends around the country are already eating from their gardens, and I think my plants are still the smallest around. Oh well. Eventually.Row of beans with the squash in the background.
little squash plants
Two happy zucchini.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What the Hair?

I don't know what Maggie's hair was thinking when I took out her ponytail last night. It had a mind of its own. Maggie is brushing her two teeth, as you can see.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Somebody Else's Daddy

Here's a sight you probably thought you'd never see: Maggie has not only relinquished her hold on John, she's sitting on the lap of someone ELSE's daddy! This is Maggie's friend Colette's daddy, Tyler.
Enjoying her new table - a yard sale find.

Yes. A peacock's bum. This is at the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City.

Elephant Ears

I printed this elephant pattern before Maggie was born. Little did I know she'd come to love elephants. So I made her one. The fabric was from Mom's house. Eventually, I realized it was not fabric, but a cut-out nightgown she hadn't finished sewing. I have no use for a flannel nightgown, so I made some of it into this elephant instead.

I put half of a grocery bag in each ear (to make them crinkle), and added a piece of fleece for a tail. Unfortunately, the little guy's legs are 2D. Or he only has 2 legs. That's what I get for using a pattern than can be printed on 8.5x11 paper. Maggie seems to like him ok, but he's no Piglet.