Saturday, October 29, 2016

Disney Cousins

Besides my cousin Jill, we also had the kids' cousins come visit!

The first day, I went with them in the morning, in the rain, with my little ones.

Tuesday, the kids decided to miss school and we all went.

Then Jodi and Franco had a date night, and took Kyli to Universal the next day.  So I watched the kids for like 28 hours. 

Maggie helped.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Swimming in the Rain

It almost feels like fall, sometimes. We had ice cream, and swam in the regular pool, too.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Arthur at 10 Months

There was a lot of climbing and dumping out this month.

signing "more"'

"using" a spoon

and some random videos during his 10th month.

Pumpkin Mickey Date

Sienna got a special date to Disneyland without Arthur.  She mostly just waned to ride Roger Rabbit, and run around "Car Town" (Toon Town, not Cars Land). Done.

Pigs and Pumpkins

The kids chose to go to Zoomars as a pumpkin patch activity again this year. I got a Groupon for $25 that got all of us in and two pumpkins to decorate, and paid another $4 for guinea pig food. Maggie spent nearly the entire time in with the guinea pigs, while the other three had a good frolic in the corn pit, and Dalton and Sienna decorated the pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Triple Threat Theme Park

My cousin Jill was at Disneyland this weekend, so I took Arthur and Sienna to hang out with her in the morning.

Maggie's been hankering for some more thrilling rides, so John took her up to Knott's to take advantage of our passes there.  Still.  Yeah.

It was a good day for a companion.

Meanwhile, Dalton has been asking about going to Legoland, which we do NOT have passes for. However, our neighbor's came into 5 free tickets and only needed four, so...

They were kind enough to let him join in the fun.

Oh, was that not enough? I went back to Disney alone in the evening to spend some more time with my cousin.