Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Preschool Activities Letter W

We did two weeks of Letter W for preschool, with lots and lots of fun activities for Worm, Watermelon and Water.

Maggie painted an apple on a piece of chipboard.
Then we cut it out and put a Worm in it. Next up, a wormy ice cream cone. For a worm snack, Maggie helped me make homemade chocolate pudding. Then I put half a crushed fake Oreo on it for dirt. No gummy worms available, but she was pleased.

Worm Walk: We used cooked spaghetti to paint worm tracks on a sidewalk. I made the sidewalk from a piece of white construction paper. I cut it in half lengthwise, taped it together, and drew sidewalk lines with a pencil.
For the Watermelon sewing activity, I made the watermelon slice and poked holes in it ahead of time. The bite out of the watermelon is made with a hole punch. I gave Maggie one of her plastic needles threaded with embroidery thread. She had a hard time with it at first, so I poked bigger holes. Then she sewed up all the watermelon seeds in no time! We also had a watermelon snack.
For a Water activity, we did a water sensory box. That is, a box with water and various spoons and cups. Since we just visited the beach, we had shells to play with in the water. We also made these colored ice cube shapes the morning of. Maggie helped mix the food coloring into the water, then we poured it into these tiny ice cube trays.
This was her favorite sensory box activity so far and mine, too. With a towel underneath, water was much easier to clean up than anything else. She asked to play it again the next day.
This W coloring sheet was inspired by the W on Meet the Letters. And also the X. I drew the W and cut out the shapes and Maggie glued a beach, some boats, and a coconut tree. Then she added crazy coconuts, an X marks the spot, and some W birds and W waves. What a great way to practice writing Ws!


Natalie Bagley said...

Where did you get the plastic needle?

Susie said...

my very sweet boss actually mailed it to me. You can find them at Jo-Ann, Michael's, Hobby Lobby etc. It is called a yarn needle.

Susie said...

Oh yeah, and it's like $1.50 for 2.

Erin said...

Susie, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I now think my kids were deprived.

Rashi said...

I hope you are doing well.Thanks for sharing your awesome craft on "No Time For Flash Cards".We have featured your craft with our book. Here's the linked back -