Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Misc.

Here's everything from March that didn't get posted yet.
Maggie is really getting into taking pictures. She took this one of her preschool crafts.
It's watermelon season! This little girl got pushed into the picture I was taking of the kids. I was going for a Pumpkin Patch effect, but the watermelon were stacked too neatly.
Maggie took this one.
Making pretzels with Kannagi.
5 frogs sitting on a bumpy log. Or maybe 5 ducks in a boat paddling with their long beak? No, I think this one is the frogs.
Dalton with Kannagi after pinching his finger.
Maggie reading the drinks menu at Toit. "Drink your LIVER out."

Happy Holi!
These flowers are constantly blooming on trees around our building. New ones grow each day and our kids love to collect the fallen ones on the ground when we walk.
Maggie's 4 pairs of Snoopy Christmas socks from Target dollar spot.
Speaking of Target... Sigh.
Taco Bell is just as tongue-in-cheek in India as in the US.
Perhaps even more so.

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