Thursday, April 7, 2011

He is Risen! Easter Craft

This craft did not turn out at all like I envisioned it. And that's not a bad thing. I wanted to do an activity to teach Maggie the phrase "He is Risen." I cut out a half of a rising sun, sunbeams, and the letters to spell He is Risen and set them in front of her. As I began explaining what we were going to do, she picked up the sun and announced, "it's a beach! The letters say 'Welcome to the Beach.'" Then she proceeded to make a beach picture.

I let her go at it, because I'm trying not to over guide her in her projects. She cut the blue water herself and glued on the rocks. Then she brought me a new piece of paper with half of a sunbeam glued on the top. "I made a sun. What do the letters supposed to say?" So I laid out the letters for her. She found an extra S and made a spot for it. Then she glued on the pictures of Jesus I had cut out.
Then, she added some flowers, and a rock to the picture. "Two angels pushed the rock out of the way." So sweet. We discussed the phrase and I had her repeat it back to me. "He. Got. Resurr. Ected." Close enough.
See the bean "fish" in the water?