Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Views of Hong Kong: The Peak

We took The Peak Tram up the mountain to see the city and take a hike. You can get an idea of how steep the tram goes from these first pictures.
*Note: All the quotes about about things Maggie saw in Hong Kong are from a book from Aunt Rachel called "Maggie Went to Hong Kong"*

There's the track disappearing down the mountain.
This family picture didn't go well. Poor Dalton.
Maggie went to Hong Kong. She saw a building so tall it was called a Skyscraper. Or, as she says, a Scrape.
The waterfall where the Hong Kong mission was dedicated.
Maggie exercising.
John in the bamboo jungle. At this point, he was still wondering why Indians were staring at him.
Once again, kids, we are not at Hong Kong Disneyland. Man, they were hard to convince.

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Jackie said...

I'm so jealous of all the cool adventures you guys are having!