Thursday, September 24, 2015

Peacock Halloween Costume

For the third year in a row, Maggie has chosen to be a bird for Halloween rather than follow our family theme. To be fair, I am also not theme-ing, because "pregnant Minion" etc is weird.

She wanted to be a peacock and helped plan the costume, including colors, ordering of colors, design of her hat etc.

Maggie's peacock costume was under $20. I had to buy a roll of ribbon, four rolls of tulle, and a few sheets of felt. I had all the yarn on hand from previous projects, and most of the felt.

Crocheted Peacock Hat resources

I didn't buy the peacock hat pattern, just used it as an idea.

Peacock Tutu resources
peacock tutu tutorial (idea and visual for feathers)

I used the same tutu instructions I used for Sienna's Sulley tutu last Halloween.  I cut the tulle in longer lengths toward the back. I used the same color blue from Sienna's tutu (half a leftover roll, and 2 full rolls).  I also used a roll of lime green and a roll of beige. The beige looks pink and I wish I'd bought black instead. Oh well.

The feathers are cut from felt and fleece.  I glued them together with fabric glue, and sewed some lines to help keep them together. The center line up to the blue part of the eye also attaches each feather to the ribbon.

My beautiful peacock!

Side view.

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