Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland! For reals.
Disneyland has it's own rail line off the MTR, with special trains. The photo makes it look like a submarine ride.
Mickey Mouse hand holds.
Mickey surfing the fountain out front.
Maggie was in tears when we entered the park because she didn't get to put her own ticket through.
Tinkerbell's castle.
Dumbo (the same, only the line is slower).
The Cinderella Carousel. I thought the horses were kind of scary looking.
Dalton was very interested in the carousel business.
Winnie-the-Pooh ride. This ride was very different. Everything was rearranged and new scenes added. For someone who has ridden the Disneyland one over 30 times, the change was welcome.
Rabbit in his kerit patch.
Owl's house.
The Philharmagic Orchestra - a great 3D musical show.
Mad Hatter Tea Cups. More tea cups and it's all under a canopy.
it's a small world. Indoor, AC line. Yay. This ride was a lot different. Same idea, but all redone, and different Disney characters.
And Hong Kong at the end!
The Orbitron. I hate this ride at Disneyland. You sit lengthwise and it's really uncomfortable. This UFO version is much better.
"Flights of Fantasy" Parade. It's Hong Kong Disneyland's 5th birthday, and they are "Celebrating in the Sky".
Instead of pin trading, people collect cards with characters here. The cast members also hand out loads of stickers. Our kids got like 20 each.
The Festival of the Lion King. This show has it all - girls twirling from the ceiling, talking animals, fire dancers. What more do you need?
The Jungle Cruise. You can choose English, Mandarin or Cantonese. The jokes are pretty much the same, at least in English.
But they have this volcano and flash flood effect, including fire on the water.
Which freaked the kids out.
Playing the drums in Adventure Land.
Time to go home!

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