Monday, April 18, 2011

Hong Kong: Churches New and Old

Hey, look! We went to church in Utah this Sunday.
Just kidding.
But this area of Hong Kong has built a really nice chapel since John served there. Stained glass and everything.
John calls this style Hogwarts/Cinderella. Yes, that entire building is the church.
Gloucester Road.
And again an hour later... pouring rain. Luckily, this was one of many sky bridges in the area. That's the church building again, farther down.
Statue Square.
With the Black Man.
The Bank Where Aunt Rachel's Money Is.
As well as hundreds of Filipina maids on their day off.
Mid-Levels Travelator.
15 minutes of escalator riding!
The Kom Tong Hall in the Mid-Levels. This historic building was owned by the church for 45 years, and was one of the buildings John served as a missionary. Now it's a museum.
Yup, they still have the font in the basement!
John baptized in a museum exhibit!
This front balcony was enclosed with windows during his time and they taught there.

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