Friday, April 29, 2011

Team Vest

We went on a work outing with John's team yesterday. They had an all day resort party with games, swimming, food, and of course a dance contest. The video of John's group dance is on Facebook, Blogger couldn't handle the length. Check it out, it's awesome.
John playing Ting Ting (as they call it here).
Mega Chess, or Chess Land.
Maggie had great fun with this.
After half an hour of moving pieces
I was amazed to discover
She had arranged them in B&W order alternatively around the entire board.
Love this sign. John claims Pooh and Piglet have radiation poisoning.
Scary mermaid.
Fishy Discotheque
Miss Maggie with a mango "that boy" picked for her.
ETA: Maggie just came up to me and said "Remember a boy gave me a mango from a tree?"

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