Saturday, October 4, 2014

Homemade Sulley Tutu Halloween Costume

Here is the sneak peek for our Halloween costumes this year. I got them all done during the month of September, and I'm really proud of that! Maggie is being an Angry Bird, Dalton Mike Wazowski, and Sienna Sulley.

Sienna's costume is the first one I got started on, because it didn't require any sewing. Hah!

First take on the crocheted Sulley hat. I didn't like the face, so I ended up redoing the eyes and eyebrows and sewing everything back on differently. I used the same basic crocheted hat pattern that I used for the Q*Bert and Owl hats I made last year. The Sulley face and horns are patterned after this Sulley hat.

I bought (expensive) crocheted headband material for the tutu waistband but it totally didn't work. I ended up making it on ribbon. I would have preferred elastic, but this is what worked.  Here's a detailed tutorial for the no-sew tutu if you need that kind of thing. You just fold strips of tulle in half and knot around the waistband. I used about 1 1/2 25 yard spools in two different shades of blue.

As you can see, she loves trying her costume on.

Here's the final product. I cut pieces of marabou fluff, burned the ends with a candle to keep it from going too crazy, and sewed it on by hand.

Still deciding what she will wear under it. She has a plain white t-shirt and light blue bloomers if we can't find anything better. I'll update with more pictures.

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