Tuesday, July 2, 2013

San Francisco: Over the Bay and Through the Woods

{See the full travelogue for details}

Our plan to do the Golden Gate Bridge a day early to avoid rain didn't work out so well.  But we still really enjoyed this stop on our trip.

These pictures look like the sort of faux retro-casual photos professional photographers take these days.  But this was taken by a random stranger, who also saved our stroller from taking a nose-dive into the Pacific.

Muir Woods - coastal redwoods are the tallest living thing on earth!  Great 1 mile walk/hike.  Plus the mile to the car.

Into the city to see the pier.  View from the parking garage.  Dalton had been asleep.

Clam chowder in a bread bowl on the Wharf.

Chinatown - Dalton and John went to a bakery to get bread while I stayed in the illegally parked car feeding Sienna.

A quick picture of Uncle Leonard, since I realized I hadn't taken any.

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