Thursday, March 24, 2011

Z Is For Zoo

I planned a zoo trip for Maggie for our last alphabet preschool activity. It's an hour and a half drive, and we had to wait for our friends (who got stuck in a festival), so we checked out the unopened amusement park in the parking lot. This train is a good example of things in India that look like they aren't operational. But are. Like buildings that you think "that store must be closed" but of course it just looks run down and trashy. And a bit scary.
Maggie on the merry-go-round, dangling well above the ground.
The hand-cranked merry-go-round. A couple of the drivers came over and pushed the kids around on it.
Many different kinds of deer.
Dalton in the safari bus. He enjoyed his great view and waved to all the animals, making "grr" sounds at the carnivores.
This picture is of a crocodile and a dead deer. Click and zoom in at your own risk.
Snuggly sloth bears. There was a truck in front of us tossing watermelons overboard, so the bears were gathered around for a snack.
Sleepy lion.
And even sleepier tigers.
Last time we didn't visit the Butterfly Gardens, but we checked it out this time. It's a bit of a walk, then you have to walk back to the zoo because the Safari bus drops you off there. The entrance was the coolest part, except maybe the AC exhibit at the end.
Maggie taking pictures of the butterflies.
And making sure they turned out good.
Z is for Zebra!
My friend Misty and her baby Lia - same age as Kyli. And a 75 year old elephant.
Highlight of the trip: feeding the baby elephant bananas.
Dalton wasn't scared.


Misty said...

What cute kids! Thanks for a great day at the zoo :)

Natalie Bagley said...

You are having so many great adventures - thanks for sharing!