Friday, January 6, 2012


Even though I'm an IN-LAW I somehow inherited Grandma June's sewing basket. I also asked for any "vintage" sheets to be saved for me, and I got these lovely, super soft sheets.
Here's her sewing basket.  Crazy old embroidery patterns, yarn, knitting needles, pearlhead pins etc.
This was the best stuff in the basket.  Ancient, metal embroidery hoops, wooden spools of thread, giant scissors, and a pill bottle filled with needles.  The prescription is for John's grandpa, with a date in the '70s.
When she was still alive, Grandma June gave me this apron. Someone made it for her as a gift for her 25th birthday, or something.


Hillary said...

I love those vintage sheets and apron. That is so cool.

Natalie Bagley said...

I remember the sheets and the apron a little. Seeing those makes me miss her!!