Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Scrapbooking Attempt in India

Yesterday I gave scrapbooking a try. I pulled out a piece of light blue posterboard, cut it down to approximately 12x12 size using a pair of scissors, and stitched a design on it, because this month's CC blog hop theme is Stitching. I tried to glue the photo on with a glue stick, but the posterboard keeps wanting to roll up.

I didn't have any alphabet stickers. I saw some at Staples, but I broke my "if you might want it, buy it NOW" rule and didn't get them, because I was already spending $18 on stuff that fit into the "might want it" category. I went back today and of course they weren't there. I had my driver ask at the stationary store for letter stickers. I told him I'd take whatever they had, and this is what he brought me:
Gold plated, metallic, and they don't match one bit. AND all the letters aren't even there. R, T, and L have been replaced by extra letters. Heh.

This layout will have to rest uncompleted until I get a box with some Thickers in it. Still, my stitching came out good and I'm happy with that.


Jesi said...

LOL talk about scrapbooking materials abstinence!!! hope you can finish it, I like the stitching

adele holcomb said...

The stitching looks great; and I think it is amazing what you have done with no supplies!

AmyBug said...

Great job with the stitching and the creative things you have come up with in absence of typical supplies. :)