Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Ideas for The Oregon Trail Game

Anyone else have a preschooler who's obsessed with The Oregon Trail game on Facebook? No? Just us? It's turned into a world of pretend play at our house. First, we decided to make some binoculars out of a pair of empty toilet paper rolls. Maggie colored them with rainbow colors, and I threaded a long string of yarn through punched holes. We put a couple rubber bands around them to hold them together while the glue dried, and filled the crack between them with lots of glue.
Maggie loves to pretend she's playing the search mini game on The Oregon Trail, in addition to really playing it. We also play I Spy with these binoculars.
Another Oregon Trail related craft we made was this "oxcart." I was cutting up the paper bag to make a mud puddle for Maggie's birthday party. She wanted the handle I cut off to make a wagon with. Once I taped it to half a cereal box, she insisted the mud puddle become a cover. So now we have this fun covered wagon toy.
Here's how I taped the handle to the inside.
Both of these toys were free and just took a few minutes to make. And they've provided hours of fun, off the computer.
Just for fun, here is a video of the kids pretending to be oxen while I sing The Oxcart from The Children's Songbook.

This song is originally about the Utah Pioneers, but it is pretty applicable to daily life here in India. This is the best picture I've been able to get so far.

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