Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Favorite Accessory

My favorite accessory. Can you tell what it is? Here I am wearing it at Cubbon Park in Bangalore, at Disneyland, and in Bryce Canyon.
No, not the cute baby boy. Well, yes, that. My super awesome, fantastic, $6 baby sling. I can't tell you how much I love this thing.
On the coracle boat in Hampi.
I've worn it on planes, trains, and automobiles. And buses, ski lifts, boats, autorickshaws, elephants, hiking trails, merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels. I've used it to keep Dalton on my lap at restaurants, and as a seatbelt. I've carried Maggie in it, and Kyli when she was so tiny and I had to get three kids out of the house.
Dalton wants out sometimes.
This baby sling has made my life so much easier. Dalton is a bit of a crazy kid. He loves to run off. This keeps him close and gives me a free hand.
Wrapped around Dalton on the elephant.
I think this is the best $6 and 1 hour ever spent. It was so easy to make and has held up great. I use it nearly every single day. It's more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn. It's just like carrying the child on your hip (or piggy back) only hands free.
Daddy tries it out.
Dalton has taken many naps in the sling. Most recently, he fell asleep while waiting for the late-night train in Hampi. The sling enabled me to get both the kids and half the luggage onto the train during the 5 minute stop, barely disturbing him.
Sleepy and snug while hiking in American Fork Canyon.
If you have a baby, this is a must have. Especially if you ever take him anywhere.
Ski lift in Park City.

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Jennie said...

I am so glad you love it. I remember when you asked about it and then sewed your own. I was very impressed.