Friday, November 19, 2010

Toddler Hats

I realized a few weeks ago that Maggie had grown out of her winter hat. So, I called my sister-in-law's mom, dropped off some yarn, and she crocheted her one.
Yes, I know how to crochet. Basically, I didn't feel like it. Cost: under $3 for the yarn, and enough leftover to make another.And, I realized yesterday that Maggie grew out of her summer hat and needs one fore India. So, like a real woman, I popped by Jo-Ann and made her one.
I used a pattern from Sew Much Ado and enlarged it by adding 3/8" to the sides of each pattern and around the crown piece. It's a little big for Maggie, and I think it's too deep, but I didn't add anything to the depth. Oh well. I couldn't get the brim pattern piece to fit on 1/4 yard fabric and had to piece the brim together. I recommend getting 1/3 yard to give yourself some leeway. Cost: just over $3.
My model had a terrific time playing in the leaves. She picked out the dinosaur fabric and loves it. The hat is reversible. I don't usually care about "gender specific" stuff but this screamed BOY to me, so the blue will go on the outside. Odd that I tell you that with pictures of my girl all dressed in pink, but in my defense they're hand-me-downs.

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Slee said...

I tried altering the same pattern for the floppy hat to be a 1/4" larger on all pieces, and agree- the body of the hat is a touch too long I think the brim is also a touch too short, so I'm going to mess around with trying to make my own pattern, but I want to say thank you for inspiring me to try resizing on my own, because i was making the hat for a huge-headed 2yr old