Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preschool Activities: Letters X, Y, and Z

Letter X is for Xylophone and X marks the spot. We did a xylophone coloring page and played with the xylophone from Aunt Rachel. We also made a treasure map. We crinkled paper and painted it with turmeric water. I made a map first because Maggie wouldn't draw anything, then she took my ideas and made them her own.

Letter X is for X-ray and Letter Y is for Yarn. The q-tip X-ray activity is one I got from Ember's preschool stuff. Maggie's looks more like a robot. For Y, I cut out a Y shape and punched holes for her to sew in. After two days of trying to get her to work on it, I finally finished it with her helping me.
We also did some Yoga, but Tasha's yoga picture is much cuter. Yoga bums!

Here is Colette with her Zebra puppet for Letter Z. Sadly, we don't have any white paper bags, and Maggie was so uninterested in the Letter Y crafts that I didn't even try. But this was so cute!
I took the kids to the Zoo to see the Zebra this week, so that counted for our activity. More about the zoo trip (Bannerghatta Zoological Park).

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