Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Sling

I wanted something besides the Baby Bjorn to carry Dalton around with in India. I was going to buy a sling when I found a pattern for one online. So, of course I made one instead! I spent $6 on fabric, and it is really quick to make if you understand the directions and have good measurements. I actually like the way it fits with Maggie better, but maybe that's because she isn't trying to dive out of it.
I basically folded my 44" fabric in fourths, sewed the curved seam at 26" (that was my measurement). That's it! Seriously, it's very easy, once you can figure out the instructions. I didn't need to do any hemming, because I sewed the fabric into a tube before hand.


Hillary said...

That looks great! Good job!!

ang said...

Awesome! You are amazing! I love looking at your sewing projects. Great pattern on your material too! You are moving to India???? What???? When???

Susie said...

Thanks! We are moving to India at the end of the month for 6-12 months. Can't wait!