Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bangalore: Wonder La

We took a trip to the Wonder La amusement and water park outside of Bangalore in celebration of Maggie's birthday. It was $30 for us all to get in.
There were lots of small, fair-type rides and a few thrill rides. Dalton was too small for nearly all of them (including the lazy river, whatever!), but he cried on the dinky train ride, so just as well. There was also an assortment of big water slides, but we didn't do any of those.
Flying Jumbo.
Termite rides. Inside a giant (fake) termite mound.
Nice underwear ads, huh?
Just like amusement parks in the US now have people posted everywhere to take your picture, this park has guys with water proof cameras roaming around! Pretty awesome since I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera. We bought a CD of all the pictures for $12.

Oh, did you think we were exaggerating about women swimming in saris? I was the only woman wearing a swimming suit, and nearly the only one even in shorts. Of course, plenty of men were swimming in their clothes, too.

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