Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bangalore: Bala Bhavan at Cubbon Park

John wrote a nice write-up of our visit to Bala Bhavan children's park at Cubbon Park today. So I'm not going to. Here are the pics.
Turret Wall

Stegosaurus! There were other animal statues about, but behind fences. I'm happy to say that the information sign about Stegosaurus was accurate, as far as my understanding.
I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of silly signs we see. Also, Cubbon Park was the first place I've seen signs entirely in Kannada. I have a hard enough time reading the ones in English!
On the boat ride... bamboo island.
Waiting in line for the train.
Train ride... I love this picture because of the grumpy look on the unsuspecting man's face. The female workers wore saris the same color as his uniform. Yuck. I used to think of a sari as beautiful, formal wear. At least the housecleaners in our apartment building get to wear red uniform saris.
This picture gives you a feel for the plant life at the park: Bamboo, palm, and something that looks suspiciously like fiddle-leaf fig, but isn't.
Dalton loves swings and slides. He didn't like slides as a baby, but he can go down by himself now and loves it.
More bamboo and a Maggie Monkey.

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