Monday, January 24, 2011

Hampi Eats, Travels and Mobs

Walking to the Mango Tree restaurant through the banana plantations. Not only the only edible food in the Hampi area, it was really good.

Maggie threw the same leaf over the edge several times; the breeze kept returning it to her.

Cashew nut curry, cheese garlic nan, coconut pancake, and Mango Tree special fried rice.

Mmm, curry!

Relaxing... Between the fantastic food, view, and weather, we didn't want to leave.

Walking back to the road.

This is the garlic we scraped off the garlic nan we ordered from room service. Yuck!

Back at Mango Tree the next day.

Mango milkshake and banana fritters.

Trying coconut water. Dalton liked it, at least.

Dalton not sleeping on the train.

Dalton driving... Not really (this time). We were waiting at the railroad crossing. Forever.

Dalton yes sleeping on the train. He screamed himself to sleep in the train station. Train was an hour late.

School kid mob.
Male mob.
Another young men mob.
Another school kid mob. Can you even see me and Dalton?
Cow mob.


Jackie said...

What an adventure you guys are having. This all looks so amazing.

jill said...

yum! all that food looks SO good!