Monday, January 24, 2011

Hampi Day 1

Hemakuta Hill.
Overlooking Virupaksha Temple.
See what I put up with?
Inside the temple
"Hey, the elephant took Mommy's money!" He has no idea yet that I paid the elephant to...
give him a "blessing!" Dalton burst into tears when the elephant tapped him on the head. She gave me one also, it felt like a nice, soft, elephant pat.
Monkeys lying in wait to steal bananas.
Hampi Bazaar. People live in the ruins of the old Bazaar.
Riding in the coracle boat, a round boat made from bamboo and a tarp.

675 white painted steps up to that temple.
As you can see, the scenery was just amazing. Ruins among rocks.
Oh yes, coracle boat also came with a ten year old driver. That is one seriously strong kid. But our guide had to carry the boat when we walk around the fallen stone bridge.
Achyutaraya Temple.
Ugra Narasimha - the terrifying lion head/man body incarnation of Vishnu. The statue originally had his wife, Lakshmi, seated on his lap, calming him from his anger.

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