Monday, January 10, 2011

Preschool Activities Letters J-L

Thanks to Tasha for taking pictures of Colette's crafts for letters J-L.
Letter J is for Jellyfish. This one was Tasha's idea - and a really great one. We used two circles of wax paper and some long strips. Some of the strips were cut into "J"s. Tasha put dots of Elmer's school glue around one circle, then the girls added their strips. Another squiggle of glue on top, then the other circle. Once dry, these held up better than I expected and the girls really enjoyed Jumping around with them.

Letter K is for Kangaroo. I love this paper plate kangaroo craft we did, and so did Maggie. She carried it around playing with it up until we moved. I stapled half of a paper plate onto the bottom half of another one to make a pouch for the mama kangaroo. The rest of the mama kangaroo is a coloring page I printed off the internet. I just cut it and glued it as it seemed fit. I drew the baby kangaroos myself and cut them out of tan cardstock after the girls colored them.

We also made Kites and practiced making Knots with pieces of ribbon on the tail.

Letter L is for Lion and Love. For L we did a traditional paper bag lion puppet. We curled construction paper strips around a pencil and put dots of glue on each lion so the kids could add his features themselves.

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Love the Jellyfish craft activity for teaching Alphabet Letter J. We shared it on our site!

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