Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mysore Palace: Elephant, Camel and Pony Rides

Mysore Palace. Half of it at least. I couldn't get the entire thing in the picture.
Camel ride - temple behind the palace.
That's the palace.
That's the palace, too.
Another elephant ride.
This elephant poses!
He flicked me with his ear.
Wait... Jodi rode an elephant after all! Isn't that her making her Shamu face? Oh wait... that's Maggie going, "Bawooo!"
All lit up.
Close up. See those figures in the turrets? Not real people. Creepy.

One of the four entrance gates.Our poor pony trying to compete with the traffic.

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ang said...

WOW! The palace looks incredible all lit up! Dalton must be such a sociable child to allow so many strangers hold him. =o) You have adorable children!