Monday, January 24, 2011

Hampi Day 2

Vittala Temple. Stone Chariot.
Musical Pillars.
Tree. Between the tree and the boat ride, we felt like we were in The Lord of the Rings.
Maggie playing a 500 year old game.
Strongest entrance gate to the city.
Named after this guy, Hanuman. Maggie is doing her best to pose while also holding rupees in one hand and holy flowers in the other.
Outside the archaeological museum.
Dalton was so eager to climb up and so surprised to find a dog at the top.
Queen's bath.
"Holes in the rock!"

View from the king's platform. This is the Royal Enclosure. The structures were made of wood and no longer exist, but check out all the cool basements waiting to be found.
Climbing down from the king's platform.
Stepped pool for clean water storage.
Lotus Mahal.
Guard tower in the Zahana Enclosure (Women (and eunuchs) only!)
The elephant stables. The kids had a great time running around here. 8th wonder of India in this picture. Can you see it? Grass.
And... the elephant stables again!
I think we took more pictures of our cute kids than the ruins. Oh well!

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