Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maggie's Scene Drawings

Today I needed something to occupy Maggie while I tried to work. I started drawing blank scenes for her to color and add to. She didn't actually do much coloring, but she enjoyed adding animals to the scenes.
Backyard scene. She added a doorknob to the doghouse. Kitty on the right, "baby dog" on the left, and a bird with some extra appendages she wanted to erase.
Dinosaur Scene. A family of Stegosauri and a family of Triceratops.
Circus Scene. Lots of elephants. That's Dumbo's mommy on the bottom, along with a mommy and baby camel. The train has, from left to right, people, giraffes, hippos, and tigers.
Zoo scene. This one is my favorite. She spent a long time adding animals to it - everything I could think of.
Here is the map of the zoo

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Rachel said...

what a clever little girl! she can draw as well as I can. x